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Rev. Ron Perry Sr - A Minister on Location Las Vegas

Rev. Ron Perry, Sr. began his career in his early 20's. Both his father and grandfather were ministers. Mr. Perry has traveled extensively, both in the United states and in other countries. He has pastored in several states. 

Mr. Perry produced a national radio program, which he also hosted. The station airing the program was owned by Bob Smith, better known as Wolfman Jack, now deceased. . After moving to Arizona, he went on the air, again hosting a two hour radio talk program, and has also done many television shows, both as host and guest at times. He and his wife Naomi have produced talent contests and Gospel concerts in Northern California, as well as in the Las Vegas areas.

He still travels and speaks at conventions, and seminars, and performs weddings both locally and nationally. He enjoys his line of work, bringing a touch of class to the wedding ceremonies he officiates. Mr. Perry is a professional, as well as a caring individual, and he blends these attributes well.

Rev. Perry also has performed weddings for television. He was the Officiant for one of the TV series "My Big Fat Fabulous Wedding", which was held at the Bellagio Hotel in Las Vegas, and has performed other celebrity type weddings. Besides performing many weddings at resorts, hotels and country clubs, Mr. Perry also does many residence or back yard weddings.

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Mr. Perry performs the Traditional Christian or Civil Ceremony, unless otherwise specified, such as adding other ceremonies  "Unity Candle, Sand Ceremony, Rose", or you may have special vows you wish to say to each other, all at no extra charge. Optional: Included in the fee, he will meet with the couple prior to the wedding date, if need be, to counsel, or discuss their plans for the wedding.

Not only is he proficient in marriage ceremonies, but he is also proficient in marriage. Ron has a close working relationship with his wife, Naomi; and when inquiring about your wedding plans, you will talk to Naomi, as she knows his itinerary, and handles his scheduling.

Rev Ron Perry Jr - A Minister on Location Las Vegas

Rev. Ron Perry, Jr. has been in the ministry since 1995. Ron is a very charismatic minister who has emceed at concerts in California and Las Vegas, Nevada and performed voice-overs for both radio and television. He also co-hosted a weekly radio talk show with his father, and even had his own radio talk show.

Since he began performing weddings, he has made a positive impact on the wedding industry and many happy couples. Ron's wife Sharon, a photographer, accompanies him at the weddings he officiates. 

Naomi Perry - A Minister on Location Las Vegas

Naomi Perry became involved in her late 20's with the theatrical industry, and later went on to become an agent in Hollywood. She worked closely with casting directors and producers. She was happy in her profession, at the time. Later the business soured on her, as she saw the corrupt side of the industry, and the lifestyle it encouraged.

After leaving the theatrical industry, Naomi worked in the employment agency business, managing several. She eventually opened her own office in Phoenix, AZ.

Her background in public relations and promotions came in handy, so she started Gospel Sound Enterprises (GSE) in 1994, when she and a friend co-hosted a television program in Northern California. The program consisted of promoting major Gospel artists by airing their music videos on TV. The program was aired on Fox, Cox Cable and a public access station, ACAT. The music programs televised, led to GSE promoting talent contests, and two major concerts.

In 1998 they moved to Las Vegas, NV to officiate weddings. In 2005 Gospel Sound Enterprises again produced a local talent contest and concert. Later produced a concert which included nationally acclaimed Southern and Country Gospel talent as well as local talent winners.

Naomi works closely with her husband Ron, and handles his scheduling of weddings. She is the one you will speak to when inquiring about a wedding. Both she and Rev. Perry will help you coordinate your ceremony, and help keep the bride from being stressed. They both enjoy the wedding industry, and the many wonderful couples they meet. Any questions or concerns, Naomi  is always available to address those concerns, either by e-mail or phone. They strive to help the couple enjoy their "special day"..


Ministers/Officiants, are at the heart of joining two lives together in a variety of ceremony styles. The most common are the traditional Christian ceremony, the civil ceremony, and the vow renewal ceremony. Either of these can be adapted to personalize the commitment. At www.aministeronlocation.com, you will find sample ceremonies for both traditional Christian and civil weddings.

Many things can be included in the wedding ceremony to make it more than just a repetition of vows. The unity candle is one of the most popular inclusions in a religious or non-religious ceremony. The bride and groom each take a candle and together they light a center candle specially designed as the unity candle. This represents bringing two lives together to become one.

Duties of Ministers

The pivotal component of the wedding ceremony is the minister or officiant. One of the major considerations for those choosing a minister  to perform the ceremony is to secure someone with experience and professionalism. Reverend Ron Perry is an ordained minister with more than 25 years experience performing ceremonies. He and his wife, Naomi, have the expertise to guide you through the perfect wedding ceremony, uniquely designed for you.

The services provided at A Minister On Location include meeting with the couple,( optional) prior to the wedding date to discuss the wedding plans if desired. Since the majority of our services are on location, travel time is included. Completing and filing the legal paperwork to register the marriage with the county is done by the officiant. Location is everything. The officiants fee is determined by the location, with weekends and holidays higher. Their rates are lower and very competitive with other marriage services. Let them help you make your Las Vegas wedding a unique memorable occasion custom made just for you. For answers to your questions or concerns, call 970-874-2910.

Experienced Las Vegas Officiants

Officiants are those people who make the marriage ceremony possible. This is the only person besides the bride and groom that must be present to have a wedding. It is possible to have a wedding without the celebration of a DJ or Master of Ceremonies, but someone with the power and authority to pronounce the union as legal must be present.

In Nevada, the clergy includes a minister, pastor, rabbi, or priest. Choosing a clergy person is one of the most important decisions you will make about your wedding. You need someone who is experienced, confident, and flexible. At A Minister on Location, you will find that Ron and Naomi Perry fit these requirements and are a team with the qualities to make your wedding dreams come true.

Pre-planning is the key to having everything perfect on your wedding day. On the website www.aministeronlocation.com, there are tips for everything from organizing your wedding plans to sending out the thank-you notes. Reverend Perry and his wife, Naomi, are two people with whom you will be able to work closely and comfortably to ensure that your wedding ceremony is performed with class and dignity.

If you want a simple and quick wedding with just the bride and groom or if you have a large wedding party, A Minister on Location can accommodate your plans.  The fee includes the Officiant, travel time,  the ceremony, a copy of your ceremony on parchment paper, as a keepsake, a witness, if needed, then  the minister is responsible for the filing of the marriage certificate with the State. For complete details and options, call 970-874-2910 anytime.

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